What is Oxandrolone?

Oxandrolone is probably the steroid with the best ratio of anabolism and androgenicity. This means that it has a very strong anabolic effect and minimal androgenic effect. In its chemical structure it is similar to methyltestosterone, but in its characteristics it differs significantly from this drug. It is probably the safest steroid available on the market. It has the unique ability to stimulate the synthesis of phosphocreatine in muscle cells, which accelerates the regeneration and growth of ATP.

It also speeds up the process of protein synthesis. Various studies on oxandrolone indicate that despite its very strong anabolic properties, oxandrolone by itself is not a good muscle building steroidefr; however, it has been proven to enhance and accelerate the action of many other steroids – it works synergistically. You can  achat Oxandrolone France  on our website.

Oxandrolone – effects

It causes a noticeable increase in strength and has an excellent cosmetic effect – an increase in muscle hardness in the absence of aromatization looks great with a low level of fatty tissue – even in large doses, water retention is imperceptible and gynecomastia does not appear at all. This is of great importance in sports in which the athlete cannot afford to increase body weight, but is concerned with gaining strength.

In bodybuilding, to achieve a significant increase in muscle mass, it is taken simultaneously with anabolics with more pronounced androgenic properties: testosterone esters, methanabole or trenbolone or anadrol. With a reduction diet, faster fat burning is observed (especially in combination with clenbuterol – they act synergistically), so the drug has universal application. Even bodybuilders who have high resting blood pressure can use it. Many people use it during competition preparation – combining it with Halotestin or Trenbolone and Winstrol, you can get sensational relief.

Oxandrolone – its use

treatment of lean mass loss syndrome in patients with AIDS, as well as in patients after severe injuries who have gone through a disabling catabolic phase and are in the process of restoring lost body weight,

after burns, after major surgery,

after or during chronic or acute infectious diseases associated with negative nitrogen balance,

in patients after chemotherapy and after treatment with corticosteroids,

for the prevention of osteoporosis in women.

It is very important that its low androgenic properties do not cause occlusion of the bone epiphyses in growing people. Oxandrolone also does not cause significant disruption of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular system.

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