How does the NDIS Support Your Entrepreneurial Goals?

Are you aspiring to open a business of your own? Are you a current owner of a business and feel like you need more support?

If your NDIS employment goal is to start a small business or larger, then read on.

What can the NDIS Fund?

Two types of NDIS funding may be available to NDIS participants: Employment Supports & Supports in Employment.

These funding support programs can help you get more support, build a career you love, and address some of the challenges you might face when you increase your independence.

This funding must meet the NDIS’ reasonable and necessary criteria.

What is Employment Support?

Employment Support can help build your skills and provide short-term support. You can use it to help you understand the work you are interested in, improve your skills, handle complex barriers and create a career plan.

What is Specialised Supported Employment?

This funding is tailored to support NDIS participants who are less self-sufficient, have difficulty managing their behaviours, or require ongoing support at work.

This means that there is ongoing core budget funding available for any type of work, including self-employment or family-run businesses.

It could include:

  • NDIS Disability Job Training Rhodes 
  • Intermittent support for daily tasks
  • Personal care
  • Assistance in managing complex behaviours or needs

Which option is best for you?

It’s important to think about any obstacles you might face when starting your business because of your disability. NDIS funding may be able to help you overcome those challenges. It is helpful to list the potential solutions and challenges.

When starting your own business, you should consider whether you will need:

  • Assistance with comprehending legal issues
  • Assistance with the development of a marketing or business plan
  • Lessons or NDIS Disability Job Training in Burwood to help you create your product, or improve your skills

Where do you start?

Your goals are the best place to begin. It is important that you talk to your local area coordinator (LAC), or NDIA planner if you have a goal of starting your own business. This will allow the NDIA to take your goals into account when determining what funding support you might need.

Once you have plan funding, you can start looking for and hiring people to help you achieve your goals. NDIS disability job training in Rhodes can allow you to have more flexibility in building a team of support staff within your business.

If you have any queries regarding your NDIS Plan, we have a team of experienced professionals at Ebenezer Mission who can assist you. You can reach out to us via email at, phone at 0478 831 731, or live chat on our website.

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