Where Did Brent Faiz Grow Up?

Brent Faiz

American rapper and singer Brent Faiz grew up in Columbia, Maryland. He has worked with many famous hip hop artists and his single with Jorja Smith is a hit with music fans. Faiz was born in a poor neighborhood and his mother was featured in a documentary about her. He has no known spouse and lives in a Mercedes. However, there are some fans who grew up with him and know his family history.


American rapper and singer Brent Faiz was born in Columbia, Maryland. He has worked with a number of big-name artists in hip-hop. His collaboration with Jorja Smith’s song “Feel the Heat” has become a hit with fans. He is unmarried, resides in a Mercedes and has no children. However, his fans will never know this, as he has made some of his best-selling songs from his humble beginnings.

Although his net worth has increased over the years, little is known about his early life. Brent Faiz’s parents were from Indonesia, and his father immigrated to the United States at a young age. He has appeared in several music videos, modeled for celebrities, and starred in numerous photo shoots. However, the rapper’s personal life remains private. No information has been publicly released regarding his relationship status, and he is not married. But he has a rumored girlfriend.

Columbia, Maryland

American rapper and singer Brent Faiz grew up in Columbia, Maryland. He began singing at a young age, and has since collaborated with big names in hip-hop. His collaboration with Jorja Smith has been a hit for music fans. His parents didn’t understand his passion for music until he started uploading experimental music to SoundCloud. After finishing school in Columbia, Faiz moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, and met his future bandmates. The pair later released their first EP, “Single Ladies,” in June 2015.

The rapper is originally from Columbia, Maryland and now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. After his parents moved, he was given a year more to pursue a career in music. Faiz’s debut EP, Fuck the World, was released in December 2018. His first track, “My Little Sister,” became a hit and earned him his first U.S. tour. His debut EP is a hit already and his song “Call Me Crazy” has a devoted fan base on SoundCloud.

New York City

Brent Faiz is an American singer and rapper who was born in Columbia, Maryland. He has worked with major names in hip-hop and even released a hit single with Jorja Smith. His mother’s story was featured in a documentary. Although he is not married, he is still very private about his life. There are no details about his girlfriend and where he lives, but his social media presence indicates that he is single.

He has become an acclaimed hip-bounce artist and has built up a large following on Twitter. He has also been linked to many talented music artists. In 2017, he delivered his third EP, ‘Screw the World,’ and teamed up with numerous outstanding specialists. Although he hasn’t disclosed details about his upbringing, he has been a prominent name in the music scene for a long time.

Los Angeles

You may be wondering, “Where did Brent Faiz grow up?” He is a young hip hop artist who has gained immense popularity in the United States. Born in Columbia, Maryland, Faiz has worked with several big names in the hip hop industry. His collaboration with Jorja Smith was one of his biggest hits. Brent Faiz is not married and lives alone, but his fans speculate that he may be dating a model.

While growing up, Brent Faiz began performing in his hometown, Columbia, Maryland. He has since starred on the stage as a comedian and singer. At the age of thirteen, he decided to break into the music industry. Although his parents didn’t understand his interest in music, he soon began posting experimental music on SoundCloud. In 2015, he moved to Los Angeles, where he met his future bandmates. In June 2015, Brent Faiz released his first EP.

Los Angeles County

Where did Brent Faiz grow up? Los Angeles County, California. The crooner is best known for his debut album, Sonder, which he released last year. His recent single “Wasting Time” features Goldlink and Drake. He was recently spotted on a rooftop bar in Los Angeles, California. While entertaining hotel guests, Brent Faiz was approached by another man. The two men got into a heated conversation, with security intervening to avoid a scuffle.

San Francisco County

If you’ve been following his career, you’ve probably been wondering: Where did Brent Faiz grow up? The young singer and entrepreneur is from Indonesia. He’s 23 years old, and has released several hits. His songs have garnered 2.8 million views on YouTube. He’s not married, and he has no children, but you can be sure that he lives in a Mercedes. If you’re curious about his girlfriend, she may be making him look good on social media.

Final Words:

The talented YouTuber gained international fame with his video game parodies, and he recently attended the Indonesian Choice Awards. He’s also been featured on numerous TV shows and websites, and has even been photo-shopped with famous people. While you may be wondering where he grew up, keep in mind that his childhood home is Indonesia. In fact, he was born in a small town in Papua, Indonesia.

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