Top Men’s Styling Tips for a Casual wear

With the onset of scorching hot Aussie summer, it is now time to reinvent your fashion. Casuals have seen a paradigm shift in the past few years, and this summer is about to bring simple yet brand new trends.

So one could consider hopping over to reliable online retail stores like Tigerlily for the trendiest casual wear collection.

With the revenue of the fashion segments growing with a CAGR of 14.86% till 2025, the onset of new fashion trends is about to change the look of casual wear completely

Therefore, read on to know more about the latest styling tips to get your groove on and flaunt your dressing.

Top styling tips for casual wear

Here are a few styling tips you should know before entering summer 2022.

1.    Firstly, find great shoes!

The first step to finding the perfect summer outfit is to find a good pair of shoes. Shoes possess the ability to ultimately make or break your outfit and say a lot about a man.

So if you plan on wearing dress shoes, ensure that they are polished and stay away from the square toe ones. Also, don’t forget to complement them with a pair of matching socks.

Lastly, for trainers, keep your shoe choice minimal. Since less is always more with casual clothing, try to dawn a monochrome outfit with a loafer/slide for the complete package.

Time to invest in a cable knit jumper

Cable-knit jumpers are the ultimate day-to-night piece for Aussie men, and, therefore, an absolute must-have.

You can pair it with a crisp business shirt for work commitments, but as the evening approaches, switch over to a pair of jeans. Always remember; you can never go wrong with a cable knit jumper.

Bend the rules but stick to the basics

Try and have some part of your clothing that seems a little off. Maybe it’s a great suit paired with high-top sneakers, a disheveled tie, and so on.

Shower some interest and innovation in how you portray yourself to the world, stick to the basics, and own the uniqueness of your outfit. It is always better to stick to the basics rather than opting for a trendy throwaway.

Cuff your pants

The first thing that you notice about a stylish man is his shoes. Therefore, make it a point to show some skin. Turn up or cuff your trousers, jeans, and chinos, and flaunt your impeccably styled shoes.

Fold the excess material of your pants, create a tight cuff, and then simply roll it up. Along with giving you a tailored approach, the cuffs also divert all attention towards your shoes.

Tailor your wardrobe

One of the most straightforward fixes to looking like a million bucks is tailoring your wardrobe. Tailoring your wardrobe for the perfect fit will definitely earn you the compliment of a well-dressed man.

There is no need to get your clothes stitched by a designer. You can get mid-rage garments and have them altered by a tailor to fit you perfectly.

Ensure that the sleeve and pant hems, shoulder fits, etc., all fall in the right place for the perfect fit.

Wrapping up

With new fashion trends emerging by the day, casual wear is taking a new approach entirely. Online shopping at stores like Tigerlily offers a way to employ the pointers above and pull off the perfect look every single day.

Be it work or evening drinks, these tips can help you look your best at all times.



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