How Much Will A Windscreen Replacement Cost You In Sydney?

If your broken windscreen requires repair because of road debris or a golf ball strike, it can interrupt your schedule. Like any driver, you’d want to find out where you can have it replaced and how much will it cost.

There are many replacement shops and companies that replace windscreens in Sydney. So, you should have no problem. However, prevention is the best solution. 

Keeping that in mind, here are a few details about how much a windshield replacement in Sydney will cost you.

Cost of a Windscreen Replacement

A windscreen replacement in Sydney will cost you anywhere between 200$ and 400$. However, the prices can vary depending on various factors.

The cost is determined by the kind of Autoglass company you hire and the location of repair. Additionally, if you book a repair job virtually over the phone, it’ll cost you more.

Insurance companies cover the expenses only if you drop the damaged car at the repair shop. Typically, an in-house windshield replacement rate is lower than calling mechanics for their services.

In the next section, let’s break down the cost into the various factors that affect it.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Windscreen Replacement

While the cost of a new windshield varies amongst car models, other factors also influence the rate. These definitive parameters are as follows:

  • Make of the car
  • Brand and model of the vehicle
  • Year of manufacturing

Generally, the expense to replace the windshield on a brand-new luxury car is twice that of an economy car. Furthermore, it’s noteworthy that the kind of replacement of windscreens in Sydney has a marked difference in the price. It’s especially true if you wish to install the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass. 

Most OEM parts cost more than market replacements because the manufacturer designs and builds the pieces, especially for you. 

You can save money by comparing quotes from various providers to make sure you’re paying a reasonable price.

Right Time to Opt for a Windscreen Replacement

When you see any breakage on your windshield, you should book a replacement or get it repaired. Moreover, the damage can stem from anything like a hailstorm or an internal expansion.

A tiny crack may seem harmless initially, but it can grow over time and cause further damage to your windscreen. If a gap grows more prominent due to ignorance, it can be a hazard for you and your fellow passengers.

It may not seem like it, but the windscreen is an important safety feature of a vehicle. Besides, it’s technically known as a “safety device.” The windshield helps in keeping the structure of your car intact.

If, god forbid, your car flipped in an accident, the windscreen will prevent the roof from caving in on you. Additionally, it supports the operation of the passenger-side airbags. 

Due to these reasons, you should contact a repair shop or a mechanic if there’s a crack on your windshield.


As your windscreen plays a crucial role in ensuring safety, it’s essential to make sure you’re getting a top-quality replacement. 

You can ensure this by going to FMVSS approved windscreens repair shops and Autoglass companies.

If you possess a car with mileage on it, you don’t have to worry about going deep into your pockets. Anyway, safety preserves lives, and life is invaluable!

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