Top Tips For Using Sanitary Pads in Summer

Sanitary pads are very essential for ladies during their periods. In today’s world of fast-paced living, most girls and even women are not aware of the proper ways of using sanitary pads. They are mostly concerned about how to manage the flow of blood and are not aware of the side effects of using them. This article talks about using the right sanitary pads and how to use sanitary pads in the summer.

What are Sanitary Pads?

Sanitary pads are used by women during their menstrual period to prevent the blood from leaking. They are placed inside the panties and they absorb the menstrual fluid. The pads are soft, thin and they come in different sizes and shapes. 

They are mostly made of cotton and rayon, and some of them also contain a small amount of plastic. The pads are held in place by a belt-like belt or adhesive tape. The pads can be used for up to three hours before changing them. The pad must be changed every three hours to prevent infections. 

Some women also use tampons, though they are not as popular as pads. Many brands produce sanitary pads such as RIO sanitary pads. There are also pads for extra heavy flow, overnight use, and sensitive skin. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle as well. 

Most of the women who have sensitive skin and suffer from rashes, allergies, or infections, are recommended to use special pads that are designed for sensitive skin.

3 Tips For Using Sanitary Pads in Summer

Switch to Organic Cotton Pads

Going organic is one of the most crucial steps taken during summers as they are breathable and keep the vaginal area cooler, unlike synthetic pads. Organic cotton sanitary pads are also quite in demand these days as they are 100% organic, thus ensuring that there is no risk of chemicals or other harmful ingredients in them. 

Organic cotton sanitary pads are soft and comfortable to use, which is why many women prefer to use organic cotton sanitary pads during the time of their menstruation. A majority of women who have previously used non-organic sanitary pads have now started using organic cotton sanitary pads, as they are more comfortable and safe to use.

Change Your Sanitary Pads Frequently 

Sanitary pads are an essential part of every woman’s life. However, they can be a pain to use if you are not careful. During summers the heat may sometimes cause infections in the female genitalia. Sanitary pads absorb the moisture and keep the genitalia dry. But if you use them without care, they can cause infections. So ensure that the sanitary pad is changed every 6 hours without fail. 

Wear Cotton Underwears Instead of Synthetic Underwear

Using a sanitary pad in summer is not a pleasant experience for most women. It is a coom feat that the temperature rises in summer and it can be quite uncomfortable to wear pads during this season. To beat the heat ensure to ditch synthetics and make use of cotton underwear. 

There are pads in the market that are well suited for summers. Make sure the sanitary pads you buy are the best sanitary pads and make you feel comfortable throughout your periods.

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