5 Interesting Facts about India You Probably Didn’t Know Yet

The south of Asia has an incredible nation that was once known as the Golden Bird or Golden Sparrow. From 300 BCE to the 10th century AD, Ancient India witnessed famous dynasties like Shunga, Maurya, Gupta, etc. 

India was the only source of diamonds till 1896—and the whole world was dependent on India for spices. National parks and greenery surround India, and you will find a lot of agricultural fields in the north. 

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You can go on a safari and witness the massive Bengal tigers or visit Gujarat and get amazing shots of the Majestic Gir forest Asiatic lions. After reading all this information about this country, if you are interested in visiting the place, you can get cheap flights to India without any hassle. 

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Some of the common things you must know about this country is:

  • India has the second-highest population in the world
  • Cows are a sacred animal in India
  • One of the seven wonders the ‘Taj Mahal’ is here
  • India fulfills 70% of the world’s spice demand
  • India has the third-highest amount of billionaires as of today

Now, back to the five interesting facts about India that you didn’t know about yet:

1. The city of Varanasi is one of the oldest living cities in the world. This city is in Uttar Prades, also known as India’s spiritual capital. With a population of 1 million, Varanasi dates back to 11 BC. 

This city sits on Gange’s river, where religious people go and perform funeral rights, offer their prayers, and many more activities can be seen here. Varanasi has become a popular tourist destination, with 2000 temples. And tourists keep pouring in every year.

2. Chenab bridge

It is a bridge that will be the highest after the construction. One can finish the total length bridge will be 1,315 meters.

3. Snake and Ladder and Chess

Snake and Ladder and chess were developed in India. Snake and Ladder were initially developed for kids, and now it has become a popular game worldwide. Chess was a game played by people who strategies warfare and other noblemen. It was originally known as chaturanga (four divisions of the military).

4. The highest number of vegetarians

India has the highest number of vegetarians globally, which means you will have plenty of vegetarian cuisines throughout the country.

Kumbh Mela

This is the only gathering of people that could be seen from space. Around 75 million pilgrims come together and gather. You can also visit this festival in Uttar Pradesh, and this festival is held at four riverbanks where you will find pilgrimage sites. 

These rivers are Yamuna, Ganges, Haridwar, and Nashik. Prayagraj is one of the important sites, which is also the confluence of the rivers mentioned before

It is really easy to find cheap flights to India as every year people visit this country enjoy the beauty and culture. And that is why you can find several travel agencies that offer these flights for different seasons. 

If you are planning to visit India, now is the time to pack your bags because there is no month in India without a festival or special event. Even if there are no events or festivals, you can visit several historical places and learn about the heritage and culture. And don’t forget about the national forests and rivers.

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