Promotional Water Bottle, The Must-Have Product for Everyone!

“We need to drink 2 liters of water a day to stay healthy.”

Water is essential to man. It is one of the necessities of life as we need it for healthy living and everyday functioning. We drink water to stay hydrated, and thus, we invest in portable drink water that we can carry with us on the go. Therefore, this presents an excellent opportunity that your company can take advantage of by utilizing promotional water bottles as promotional products or corporate gifts to achieve your marketing objectives.

A water bottle is a container used to hold water and other beverages. A water bottle offers portability to man, allowing us to transport water and other drinks as we move from one place to another. It’s preferable to a cup due to its ease of convenience and other features such as less spillage, infusion and insulation.

Would you like to discover more reasons why you should employ printed water bottles as a rewarding promotional tactic for your business, then kindly read on for more tips as outlined below on the topic; “Promotional Water Bottle, The Must-Have Product for Everyone”:

  • Where did the water bottle come from?
  • What makes a water bottle a great promotional item?
  • What is a sports water bottle?
  • How can promotional water bottles help you increase your brand awareness?
  • Why do water bottles make an excellent eco-friendly gift?
  • How to make your own promotional drinking water bottles.

Where did the water bottle come from?

Today, the water bottle (also known as the bottle can) is available in different materials, shapes, colors and sizes. Currently, we have water bottles made from materials such as plastic, aluminum, stainless steel and glass, but in the past, water bottles were made from wood, bark, leather, hides and sheepskin.

Water bottles started with the Romans. They devised a way to pipe water from sources to areas needed. However, it had some limitations, and this led to the invention of small and large water vessels, recorded in the 17th century, that has evolved into what we have today. The Holy Well Bottling Plant in the United Kingdom was the first bottling water plant globally. It is recorded that they started the sale of bottled water in 1622’ a revolutionary practice that soon spread to other parts of Europe and the world.

Around the 1700s, as people began to travel expansively, many mineral springs in Europe started the sale of bottled spring water, proposedly perceived to be of medicinal value. Thus, the commercial bottle water was invented in 1767, and made available for individual sale by Jackson’s Spa in Boston, America. In the latter years, the sale of bottled water transcended into what we have today, with a cultural influence of being seen as a safer and healthier option.

What makes a water bottle a great promotional item?

Promo water bottles are great for giveaways at parties, anniversaries, libraries, gyms, fitness centers, schools, weddings, festivals, theme parks, tradeshows, seminars, business meetings, conferences, exhibitions, fundraisers and more. Also, you can sell them to the general public in stores, shops and malls. They are great for kickstarting a marketing campaign and effectively reminding us to be health-conscious. 

They are great promotional products because they are versatile, handy, and trendy vehicles to deliver your target audience’s brand message. Water bottles are easily customizable and offer a lot of room for branding. Promotional water bottles can be printed with your company’s logo, making them a good promo gift to boost your employees’ morale and an excellent corporate gift for your business partners, clients, and customers.

A promotional water bottle is considered a thoughtful gift because of its practical value, making it an item that would be well received and not easily discarded. Water bottles are an excellent way to increase visibility and boost brand exposure. They are flexible, cost-effective and functional, thereby reinforcing their position among the best promotional item for marketing and advertising.

What is a sports water bottle?

We drink water to stay hydrated but tend to drink more when under stress, such as working out or exercising. Therefore, we carry our water bottles to the gym, stadiums, fitness centers, sports centers. Also, we hold them along for recreational activities such as running, hiking and camping. Sports water bottles assume the “best friend role” to athletes, fitness enthusiasts and those with an active lifestyle.

Sports water bottles are usually tailored for those who engage in sports activities and are mostly made from plastic, polycarbonate, acrylic, and metals. It can have specific features such as an infuser bottle, cup, straw or foldable, filtering or insulating. Owing to its popularity, you should consider making your branded sport water bottle to boost visibility for your brands as your recipients commute from one place to another.

How can promotional water bottles help you increase your brand awareness?

We use water bottles anytime and anywhere. This makes them great corporate gifts, suitable for re-occurring visibility due to their ongoing mobility. Also, people may tend to show off their water bottles to others if they adore them, maybe due to their color, design, or intriguing text. Promotional drinking water bottles serve as promotional gifts that are good for word-of-mouth promotion and kickstarting social media conversations. In return, these promotional items can increase brand awareness, generate engagements, promote conversions and boost profits for your brand or business.

Corporate gifting is an essential part of a business strategy, and corporate promotional water bottles are one of the best promotional gifts. They are timeless, accessible and affordable, offering free advertising and brand’s recognition. They leave a memorable impression in the minds of your audience with a message that you are concerned about their lifestyle and personal health, thereby working in your favor to build brand loyalty.

Why do water bottles make an excellent eco-friendly gift?

Eco-friendly gifts are being promoted in today’s market to reduce climate change and harmful ecological activities. Eco-friendly products are sustainable products. They are products made from sustainable materials, mostly from renewable resources and can degrade quickly or be recycled. The water bottle is one of the excellent eco-friendly popular gifts today. Thus, giving out these products would represent your brand in a good light.

Reusable and recyclable water bottles are eco-friendly and reduce waste, making them an excellent environmental measure. It would position your brand or company as environmentally conscious and make efforts to maintain ecological integrity. Also, they are considered to reduce wastage and costs, increasing the use of these budget promotional water bottles.

Ecofriendly water bottles can give your users a positive experience, enhancing your brand impressive and leaving a memorable sentiment. This way, you contribute your quota to promote “Green Earth” and still achieve your promotional objectives.

How to make your own promotional drinking water bottles

Making your promotional water bottles isn’t a tedious process. All you have to do is patronize a promotional company with a good reputation for product value and delivery. Create your customized preference and order your budget promotional water bottles. A good tip is to remain original yet creative. Don’t be afraid to use colors and fine prints, as this would make your customized water bottles more appealing and captivating to others.

Furthermore, you can go for a unique design that highlights your business message or logo, representing your brand differently. Also, you should consider the type of material for your promotional items to make sure that it works well with your intended. This is important because a promotional product or gift is maximally effective when received, appreciated and utilized.

The common materials used to make promotional drinking water bottles are usually plastic, aluminum, stainless steel and glass. It is advisable to pick the fabric accordingly to the audience taste. For example, glass won’t be the best choice for kids, and stainless steel is suitable for employees and corporate workers. The shape and size of the printed water bottles matter too. It shouldn’t be too small or super big, but just the right size for your customized design and intended recipients use.

Remember, a good custom design would help you stand out from the crowd. Express your logo in an appealing way against a good color background, and alternatively, you can choose plain colors that resonate with your brand or business colors. Your selected text or message should complement your logo or image printed on the bottle. Another good way and unique way to captivate your audience more are printing funny, witty and inspirational quotes on bottles, leaving a good and memorable impression.

In summary, this article would have shared adequate reasons promotional water bottles are a current must-have product for everyone. It would prove very helpful to ensure that you choose the best corporate promotional water bottles, promo sports water bottles and customized water bottles. Thus, you can effectively complement your marketing efforts, thus generating the conversions your business deserves and earning you great profitable results in the long run.

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