Various Types of Shower Heads for Your Bathroom

Whether you’re upgrading to a new bathroom, renovating one, or simply building one for the first time, using showerheads that best suit your necessities is essential. There’s no doubt that showers are most widely used in a bathroom, so you might as well use the best ones!

Here are some of the most favoured types of showerheads that you can consider fitting in your bathroom. 

What are Shower Heads Used For?

Showerheads are a great and convenient way of taking a bath as they sprinkle water evenly over you. The type of showerhead you use also defines your bathing experience. 

If high-water pressure is a concern in your preferences, then it’s recommended that you go for an adjustable showerhead that helps you choose the water pressure according to your need. Take a look at the following shower fixtures that are in high demand these days, and give your bathroom a much-needed makeover.

  1. Ceiling or Top-Mounted Shower Head

These showerheads are pretty popular and have been in high demand. As the name suggests, ceiling or top-mounted shower heads are mounted on the ceiling and sprayed directly underneath.

They’re big and cover a larger area to sprinkle water evenly. The pressure and temperature of the water are adjustable in such showerheads. 

  1. Rainfall Shower Head

This one’s a crowd favourite! The water flow in these shower heads is designed like that of rainfall. The stream is gentle and gives you a relaxing bathing experience. 

Rainfall showerheads are usually mounted in the ceiling or, more commonly, on the wall. Because running plumbing in the ceiling is difficult and costly, these shower heads are mostly mounted on the wall. 

  1. Handheld Shower Head

This particular type of shower head is uniquely designed and preferred by many people, as it’s convenient to use. A handheld showerhead consists of a showerhead attached to a hosepipe. This offers full-body coverage without having to move or adjust your body position. 

These showerheads are very affordable and provide a fantastic bathing experience. The water pressure can be adjusted as you like.

  1. Rail Shower Sets

This type of shower set is a rather luxurious one. Twin shower sets or rail shower sets usually consist of handheld and overhead showers. The design is built to accommodate all your needs into a single unit. 

Rail shower heads are becoming widely popular, and people are upgrading their bathroom space with these super comfortable types of the showerhead. 

  1. Fixed Shower Head

This is the most traditional style of shower head found in many bathrooms. This showerhead is fixed in the wall and only sprinkles water to the dedicated area. This is a plus point as it does not lead to unnecessary soaking of the rest of the room. 

Fixed shower heads have a slightly higher installation cost than others and cannot be easily cleaned. They’re not the most convenient to use. This is why people are moving to more affordable and different styles of showerheads. 

In Conclusion

Showerheads have entirely changed the bathing experience of many people. With the advancement of new designs and showerheads, there is a considerable need to renovate one’s bathroom space with the latest designs.

With time, showerheads have become a style statement and have transformed the way people decorate their bathrooms. Bathroom fittings are efficient and long-lasting items, and investing in the best ones will take you a long way!

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