How to Choose a Personal Flotation Device?

What do you know about life jackets? Do you think you need one while surfing in the sea? A personal flotation device is like a protective gear that anyone and everyone should wear to keep themselves safe from drowning in water. Do you think you need PFDs? The question is, why or why not? 

A life jacket/ life vest or a personal flotation device is your safeguard. Brands like Jetpilot come with so many unique types, colours, and varieties of life jackets that you can pick one depending on your needs. Not all PFDs provide excellent protection. While some might last longer, some work well in harsh conditions to keep you safe in the water. 

Buying any random lifejacket is not a wise decision. You should know which lifejacket is suitable for you depending on your needs and the conditions you put yourself in. So, this article will help you with some details that you must not overlook when choosing a personal flotation device. Scroll down to learn more about these in detail. 

What are the criteria for choosing PDFs?

If you’ve thought that any life jacket will work to offer you safety, you are wrong. It would be best if you looked for AS4758 on your life jacket to ensure that it has Australian Standard approval. All PDFs need to pass a test to get the certification of Coast Guard-approved. 

What are the different types of PDFs?

As mentioned earlier, not all life vests have the same protection level. They are made using different types of material and have varying levels of protection that they can offer. Below, you’ll find details of different life jacket types and what they can do. 

Standard personal flotation device

The first type and the most common type of PDF that you’ll get in the market is the standard type. They are primarily purchased by those who are sports enthusiasts or boaters. It is made of foam and buoyant material and comes under the Type III life jacket category. 

Hybrid PFDs

The hybrid personal flotation device combines inflated chambers with flotation and buoyant material. Its dual features make it suitable for mild sports adventures, stand-up boat paddlers, and kayakers. This combination makes that jacket pretty heavy and hot. The average cost of a hybrid PFD is very high. 

Inflatable PFDs 

Inflatable personal flotation devices are one of the highest-selling life vests in Australia. They are required to be inflated either manually or auto manually. Most of them have a replaceable CO2 gas cylinder, which helps inflate the vest. An inflatable jacket comes only for adults over 80 pounds. Also, new swimmers or non-swimmers are never suggested to buy inflatable personal flotation devices. 

Knowing the different types of life jackets is not enough to get the best benefits from them. You must also remember that you’ll achieve the best result by wearing a vest that fits you perfectly. Many manufacturers of life vests, like Jetpilot, offer vests in small and big sizes that everyone can find perfect for themselves. 

You can browse through different brands and websites to check out the variety and quality of products available in the market. Take time to read the review of a product to understand what the customers think about it. It will help you in making a better decision

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