Here’s Why You Need a Landing Page Wireframe?

So, you are working on your upcoming marketing campaign, mobile app, or service and want to promote it. If that is the case, you need to create a landing page to better promote your product, service, or mobile app.

When it comes to creating a landing page design, wireframing plays a key role.

Since the goal of developing a landing page is to get more conversions, creating a wireframe helps you create a strong foundation for the page.

Creating a landing page wireframe is the most important step that can help you visualize the important features and page elements before building the page.

Basically, a wireframe is the layout or skeleton of a landing page that gives the web design team a clear idea of how the page will be structured.

While creating a landing page wireframe, designers focus on the flow and usability of the page. The design team ensures that everything is organized, and the page is easily accessible to the readers.

Creating a structure for a page and prioritizing what matters most for your campaign or mobile app will help you achieve the main goal easily.    

Let’s discover how to create a landing page wireframe and how creating a landing page wireframe will get the desired results.

Understanding the Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

Creating a wireframe of a landing page allows you to design a structure of the page so that you can better

understand which design elements look good and how much information is required to make it effective.

You can better design a landing page wireframe when you know the anatomy of a landing page. Plan the important sections of the page and create an information hierarchy to connect one page to another.

There are some important design elements that every landing page should have in order to get higher visibility and more reach.

From images to copy, CTAs and videos, there are so many things that you can add to the landing page.

Here are the most important elements of a conversion-centered design that will definitely guide your visitors from click to conversion.

List down the Important Sections

When it comes to designing the wireframe of the landing page, make sure your design team has the most important information that you want to include on the page.

Remember, content plays a key role in conveying the message you want to get across to your audience. It allows you to develop the information hierarchy and create important sections. Make sure to arrange each section in a way that guides users to take the next step.

Develop the Visual Hierarchy

Building a visual hierarchy is one of the most important steps for creating a wireframe for your landing page.

This step ensures web designers include all the important design elements that can have a significant impact on the landing page performance. A perfect landing page includes some essential features, including:


It’s no surprise that the human mind can process visuals better than text. Using images, gifs, videos can convey your offer and help your audience what you are trying to sell or promote.

Add a hero image to give users a clear idea of the actual goal of your product or service and how it will change their lives.

Adding product images to the landing page is also a sensible strategy to enable visitors to see the main features of the product.

You can add infographics to show important statistics and factual data or add graphs, charts to help users absorb important information more easily.


Besides using images, you can also incorporate images into your landing page design to make it visually appealing and interesting at the same time.

If you are designing a landing page for a particular product, consider adding an explainer video to help the target audience understand how the product works. It gives you a great opportunity to highlight the most important features of your product.

With introductory videos, you can highlight the benefits of the new feature or new product.

To make your landing page more effective, adding video testimonials is simply a great idea.

When people see real people are using your product and have positive reviews about your product or service,

it will eventually increase the chances of your landing page’s success.

Persuasive Copy

Many product owners want to highlight each and every feature of the product on the landing page. Today’s users want short and catchy content, as they have a short attention span. Using bullet points, checkmarks and arrows are some effective ideas to catch the attention of the users.

A short copy helps readers to quickly scan the page without

spending too much time on the page and easily get the key takeaways of the offer.  So, use short copy, bold sections, and bullet points to quickly convey

the purpose of your product to your potential customers.


A landing page is incomplete without a CTA. In fact, CTAs are responsible for conversions, making sure they stand out from other design elements. Use contrasting colors to make the CTA button stand out from the rest of the page. The copy must be catchy to persuade users to click the button.

Lead Form

A lead form is the most important element of a landing page design that allows you to collect the important information you need to convert leads into prospects.

Make sure the length of the form is short so that users can easily fill the required fields.

Add Social Proof

Showing your potential customers what people think about your product or service can build trust and convince them to become your paying users.

You can showcase customer testimonials, a number of customers, logos, industry awards, and trust seals to persuade visitors to convert. Furthermore, adding trust signals to your landing page design can increase the credibility of your product or service.


Creating a wireframe for your landing page will help you create a structure of the page.

At this stage, you can decide which sections must be added,

what type of design elements, images, videos and copy your design team should use to make a conversion-centered landing page.

A web design Dubai company can help you come up with a landing page design that will drive more conversions and sales. 

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