Priyanka chopra

PRIYANKA CHOPRA is an amazing inspirational lady who has touched the peak of success due to her acting skills and passionate mind. From all over the world people become a fan of her charming look and she has proved into successful entrepreneurs. In the recent interview with the VOGUE AUSTRALIAN, she has revealed all about her life, relationship, fashion, and beauty tips. 

So here is all about PRIYANKA CHOPRA and her life which most people are unaware of it 

  • She wanted to be an aeronautical engineer – 

Everyone has a dream in their childhood but not everyone is able to accomplish it because destiny decides something else for everyone. Like others, PRIYANKA had a dream to be an aeronautical engineer but her brother has filled the enrollment for the MISS WORLD. And now what destiny has decided for her is ahead of the world. 

First debut from TAMIL – 

MOST of the people were thinking that she has her first debut in the Bollywood film. But that is not true because she has started her film career in a Tamil film opposite Vijay which was released in 2002. 


To reach a certain level she has done so much hard work and this thing has encouraged her to do something for those who have to lack opportunities to achieve the dream. Due to this reason, she set up a business where people can make the most out of the opportunities and fulfill their dream. From the years of establishment, this company has brought magnificent talents in front of the world.

Also, there is one film that is listed on the nomination list for the oscar. This company is in the MUMBAI and if you also want to hit the floor from your unique talent which can bring jaw-dropping experience. Then you can also join her brand to shine the star in the sky of career. 


One of the best thing she likes the most is investment in tech brands, she wants to contribute for the development of country. Technology is the mother of invention and if you will invest in technology then nothing could be impossible. Instead of walking behind the other development countries it’s better to empower yourself. Priyanka has collaborated with BUMBLE in order to promote the goal of companies. 

Raised her voice against

It was a Philanthropist – 

It is an ambassador of UN GOODWILL and share her space in order to being an influencer. Raised her voice against child rights or education and for homeless people several times. Priyanka then established her own foundation where she works for the betterment of underprivileged childrens. At the last, she is an amazing philanthropist, feminist and social worker to support. 

Her first relationship explodes on TWITTER 

Most people thinks that – priyanka and nick met on a event of MET GALA but reality is that both have started getting to know about each other in the Twitter. Then after few months Nick has informed his mother that they are heading towards to tie the knot with her. 


With her first biopic “unfinished”, she has proved that – her excel in writing is another most fascinating thing which you should notice. In this biopic she pen down all the events and happenings in her life and someone can learn lot about her. In 2009, she has written first column where she has discussed about the life of a women and her rights to cut down all the barriers and face the world courageously. 

Only indian girl in “GUESS CAMPAIGN” – 

Priyanka CHOPRA has done lots of things which always made the country proud. In 2018, she has participated in the “GUESS CAMPAIGN” where she was the only indian woman. Apart from many she was the only one who won this campaign and become a ambassador of american label. Furthermore there are lots of advertisements offers she has done after that and she become well known celebrity in that country. 

She is a DESI GIRL – 

The song “desi girl” best suits to her because no matter wherever she will be, but can’t live without home-made pickle. Most common thing is in the home of every Indian is pickle and like others she also like it. She never forget the pickle to keep with her on every journey. 

Today whatever she is, in front of everyone. Due to her immense hardwork, and patience, Priyanka chopra’s net worth is a topic which most of the people curious about. She has left out the remark of legacy as an Indian woman who is successful business woman and famous actress too.

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