What Braces color will compliment your skin tone?

braces color wheel

Everybody deserves to have the best looking smile possible, and that includes girls who are in braces and need to wear colored braces. But how do you know which colors will complement your skin tone? Whether you’re considering your options with traditional clear brackets or colored braces, this braces color wheel will help you choose the right colors to bring out the natural beauty of your smile.

Pink braces

One of our more popular color choices,light pink braces are a great way to show off to friends and family. While these braces aren’t suitable for every day wear, they look great at parties and on special occasions! As you may have guessed, pink is a soft, warm hue that looks amazing on fair-skinned girls with blonde or brown hair. If you have darker skin or hair (or even if you don’t), consider choosing another color. You can pull off shades like orange or red but it may be tough if you naturally look paler than everyone else. Do yourself a favor and play it safe with light blue or white braces!

White braces

While they’re certainly not unattractive, white braces won’t look flattering on everyone. White is often best reserved for those with very fair complexions or light blond hair and eyes. Those with darker hair, eyes and skintones will want to steer clear of all-white braces; they just won’t complement your coloring. If you do choose to go with white, remember that you can still highlight some parts of it—just avoid painting all of it a solid color. Colored Braces: If you opt for colored braces instead of a standard clear set, then pick ones that complement rather than contrast with your natural coloring.

Tan braces

Having to go to school with bright-white braces can be embarrassing for some people. Fortunately, orthodontists offer a range of colors for you to choose from. It’s a matter of matching your color scheme, but it’s also about finding something that complements you and makes you feel good about yourself. For example, if you have fair skin and dark hair, a light shade such as Cadet Blue may look great on you; however, if your skin is olive or tanned in any way then Blue Steel would be a better choice. A big part of picking out new braces colors is just knowing what suits you best!

Grey/Silver braces

If you have a cool skin tone, then silver or grey braces may be a good choice for you. Women with cool toned complexions look best in silver and grey hues because it offsets their blue or purple undertones. For example, if you have icy blue eyes and pale blonde hair, then wearing a set of grey braces would really make those features pop! Black Braces: A dark set of braces is definitely one of the boldest color choices you can make. While they’re super popular among teenagers—mostly because they’re an affordable option—black braces are not recommended for women over twenty-five who don’t want to look like they belong in junior high school.

Green/Purple/Black metal braces

These are not uncommon. They can definitely make a statement, but only if you’re comfortable with that. You don’t want to try for edgy when you aren’t feeling it, or it could make you feel too awkward to speak up and be yourself. It might also clash with other accessories like hair color or clothing choices. You may want to consider trying these out before committing, just to see how they look on you and how they complement your style and personality. If you decide on something bold like green or purple, stick with neutral outfits (black/white) so as not to overpower them. This includes hair color! Yes, there are purple streaks… have fun with it!

Just keep in mind that lighter shades of purple (like lavender) may appear pinkish-purple under artificial lighting and harsh sunlight. Black is usually always safe, unless paired with an outfit featuring royal blue or red. Reds tend to appear black against black metal braces due to their own dark coloring, while royal blue is more likely to stay true thanks to its more vibrant hue. Blue/White metal braces: Easy breezy, right? Just put any shade of blue in front of white, regardless of what else you’re wearing, and voila! Instant classiness no matter where you go. Your whole wardrobe is free game here!

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