Hob cutter – Tools of great importance for the industry

We come across various objects in our life that is not observed easily but play a huge role in the functioning of our whole world. Whatever product we use in today’s world, they are the final product. Any machines or gadgets that we use are all final products. A substance has to go through various stages before it is made feasible for us to use. One of the steps that are involved in giving a final look at our objects is cutting. While manufacturing a product, a product might be not in a good shape because of unwanted parts attached to it. Just to remove those parts one needs to cut them.

 It is not easy to do cutting on such objects which are made up of different metals. They require proper methods and tools to cut them. Various tools are being introduced in the industry to perform this task of cutting smoothly. One such crucial instrument that is highly used amongst various industries is the hob cutter. It is a great tool that can be used to cut smoothly. There are plenty of hob but only a few produce the best product. Let us look at the various types of hob cutters in detail. 

  • Worm gear bobs: Worm gear hobs are used to create precise worm gears. These hobs are available in both shank and bore configurations. These are particular tools that are sized to fit the worm shaft and have a sharpening allowance. Both radial and tangential hobs are available in single and multi-start configurations. 
  • Sprocket hobs: Sprocket hobs are designed and manufactured to form chain sprocket tooth forms. Topping and non-topping hobs can be supplied in single and multi-thread designs in accordance with various standards.
  • Straight key spline hobs: These hobs feature specific curved tooth shapes that allow them to manufacture straight key splines on shafts. Spline hobs generate precise tooth shapes at a given tooth depth. These hobs can have a variety of profile elements such as lugs and semi-topping.
  • Shank hobs: For today’s high-speed cutting applications, Shanks Hobs are available. These hobs are mostly seen on CNC machines. Shank Hobs with lengthy cutting rows are available in single and multi-thread versions.
  • To make involute splines and serrations, involute spline hobs are employed. These hobs are often manufactured with pressure angles of 30°, 37.5°, and 45° in accordance with various DIN and ANSI standards. These hobs are available with single and multi-thread shoulder clearances.

In the above article, we have discussed various types of hob cutters. They are one of the tools with great advantages and one should never hesitate in using them for cutting purposes. People should only buy gear hob cutters from the best gear hob manufacturers. As they will design it in the perfect way and it will also work efficiently without creating any kind of problem. Such tools are of great importance in today’s world as the industry is growing rapidly. One can use these products to keep pace with the industry and produce the best products

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