Tips for Increasing Your Brand’s Presence on Social Media in 2022

Social media platforms enable brands, organizations, and institutions to connect with audiences, increase awareness, and generate leads and business.

Social media engagement allows brands to spread news about campaigns, new initiatives, and new products and services more effectively. Social media success cannot be measured by simply having 1,000 Facebook fans or 200 Twitter followers.

There is the possibility of having thousands of followers who never read your posts or click on your links. Creating a thriving online community of your ideal fans is crucial for building a following that will engage with your content, share it, and ultimately, become customers.

To achieve such, it takes time and effort, but the payoff can be enormous.

Are you interested in growing your social media audience? You can grow your social media following in eleven easy ways in this post.

1. Organize contests

Contests are a great way to keep your current fans engaged with your Page and attract new likes and followers.

Taking part in contests on every social network where you are active is worth trying. Social media contest examples include:

  • Participants can enter by leaving a comment or answering a question
  • You can choose either the best caption (you choose) or the one with the most likes to win
  • You can have a fill-in-the-blank contest in which participants must answer a trivia question
  • A photo contest – The winner is either the best photo (chosen by you) or the most popular picture
  • Contest with multiple choice options

Here are some tips for running a successful social media contest:

  • Make sure to promote it on your website, email list, and other social networks to get people involved.
  • Prizes that are completely unrelated to your brand should not be given away. For example, if you give away a new iPad, you might drive a lot of engagement and participation, but not necessarily from people who will eventually become customers.
  • The rules and regulations of each social platform around contests are different – here is an overview of the key information.
  • You should follow up with non-winning entrants – tell them about your brand/organization as well as thank them for participating.

2. Include a visual with every post

Visual content performs well on social media, so be sure to post an eye-catching, colorful image or graphic.

HubSpot compiled the following visual marketing statistics:

  • 94% more people view content with relevant images than without.
  • The likelihood of sharing visual content on social media is more than 40x higher than for other types of content.
  • Compared with photos without faces, Instagram photos that show faces receive 38% more likes.

Create graphics for your blog entries and social media posts using free graphic design tools like Canva.

3. Share more video

In order to maximize engagement on social media platforms, it is a good idea to create at least some video content.

Instead of posting a link to a third-party website (such as YouTube), upload your video to the platform of your choice directly. By doing so, your video will automatically play as people scroll through their feeds, grabbing more attention.

4. Respond to your online community and listen to what they have to say

In the case of Facebook, 83% of your fans and 71% of your followers expect you to answer them on the same day they ask their questions?

Twitter users expect a response within just 30 minutes now, according to 32% of them.

Be exceptionally responsive on social media to give your followers a fantastic experience. Listen to what they need and respond accordingly.

Additionally, you should thank users who retweet, favorite, or mention your organization on Twitter, and publicly acknowledge those who comment on Instagram and YouTube.

By listening and acknowledging your online community, you’re more likely to gain raving fans and loyal social media advocates.

5. Change the cover photo and profile photo of your Page

Some of your most popular social profile elements are your profile photos and banners. Your work will be better understood if you can highlight the impact of your work and the stories of those who benefit from it. 

Make sure you change your cover photo on Facebook at least once per month, and don’t forget to write good captions.

You can highlight your great work with your Twitter profile picture and banner.

Do not simply stretch out your logo and pixelate it – nobody wants to connect with a logo on social media. Your visual image speaks volumes when you personalize, humanize, and customize every channel you can.

6. Make your followers want to follow you

Provide both prospective and current fans with reasons to follow you across multiple platforms.

Your social media channels should not be blasted with generic, automated links you set and forget. Create content that is tailored to each channel.

As an example, you should use Twitter to share the latest news and real-time alerts, while Facebook could be used to tell longer, more compelling stories about how your work benefits people. 

You should use social media channels strategically, taking advantage of their strengths and demographics, and giving your target audience a good reason to connect with you.

How are you adding value? How do you keep them interested in what you have to offer?

Plan to post and share content that resonates with your specific audience, wherever they hang out online, by considering the reasons people use each network.

7. Promote the use of tags

Engage your followers by encouraging them to tag others who might be interested in, or benefit from, a particular post.

In posts with inspirational quotes, add the words “Tag a friend who needs this today.” In videos about Mother’s Day, invite your online community to tag someone who means something to them.

This new audience can be brought into your fold by joining your online social media community.

This method should only be used sparingly and only where it makes sense, otherwise it may look spammy.

8. Make sure you’re found by using hashtags

Using hashtags to increase followers on social media is easy in two ways:

The use of popular hashtags should be sparing and strategic

Whenever using a hashtag, I recommend using one popular one, such as #OOTD (outfit of the day), #TBT (throwback Thursday), #fail (self-explanatory), and #FOMO (fear of missing out)

You can find hashtags that are relevant to your audience and content on and

Thousands of hashtags are available – check out and to find ones that are right for you.

Participate in current events and trends relevant to trending topics

To find out what’s trending for the day, I regularly check my Twitter feed. When I share something I think would be of interest to my followers, I include the corresponding hashtag in my tweet.

To share an inspiring quote or story with your followers on Monday, you could use the trending hashtag #MondayMotivation.

You might come across people searching that hashtag who may check you out or follow you.So hope this article helped you, for more tips and new year greetings 2022 follow ibc24.

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