How do I buy the UPSC Prelims Mock Test Series with an explanation?

Prelims Mock Test Series with an explanation is only provided by a few coaching. You can buy such Tests from book shops in Old Rajinder Nagar or Mukherjee Nagar as in form of yellow books. 

Most of the times coaching provides explanations in sectional tests only. If you want to attempt only Mock Tests you can check Eden IAS Mission Prelims course, in which you can get some quality mock tests and before that the course prepares you for the mock test through sectional tests. 

In my first attempt I was unaware about the pattern of preparation and by listening to everyone around me I emphasised a lot on Mock Tests but the wrong part was – I was only doing Mock Tests and a few tests in which I performed not so well demotivated me a lot. So, then I decided to revise my entire syllabus through any coaching and I got Mission prelims on the internet. 

In Prelims crash course paper there is system of taking daily tests from every particular section of the syllabus which helps to pay proper attention to every single topic of the IAS Syllabus. After knowing the syllabus, the class heads to the explanation of those tests in form of the classes, which are just not random classes but they also cover the needed techniques to solve those question and somewhere in latent form the teachers make us ready to look at the question in a better way without over thinking and under thinking. 

Most of the times it happens that the aspirants think that the yellow book would be enough to solve the mock test but that yellow book can get you content for preparation but it is very necessary to get into the real theme of the question to understand the real approach to the question. 

The mindset while solving a question should just not be around the correct concept but also around the time and negative marking management or in the other words you can call it the greed management while solving the questions in the Prelims examination.

Tips to solve mock tests – 

  • Dedicate first 10 mins to read the question paper.
  • Encircle your most comfortable questions.
  • Divided your attempts in 3 rounds –

The first attempt should be dedicated to the questions which you find yourself very sure about the question – then those in which you know at least 50% of the question and the 3rd round should be “Control your Greed” – Because here you commit the mistake and do the negative marking.

  • Keep filling the OMR sheet on a gap of 5 to 6 questions and make sure that you are colouring the right code. 

The Mock Tests are the reflection of your performance in the Prelims Examination. Do take every test seriously and try to perform as the way you want your performance to be in the Prelims examination. 


I am assuming you are about to complete your graduation and dreaming about joining any UPSC coaching for making you dream come true. So, if I have to say, then there is nothing like best month to join, as in every month you will get the news of starting of new foundation batches. And now a days it is like this only.

But yes, it is advisable don’t join any foundation classes just before 2months of Prelims crash course paper and yes best time would be join the classes just after giving you graduations final paper (if want to devote only one year.) But if you want to devote more than a year and have time then go for foundation classes just after completion of 12th class.

Which subject has the most weightage in UPSC Mains?

If this question is asking about general weightage, then obviously there is no such subject which is MAINS heavy. But if you will go paper wise then you may find like GS 1 is heavy of Geography Optional Coaching in Delhi and History, GS2 is heavy of Governance and Social Justice, GS3 is heavy of Economy and Science and technology.

This is easily visible in last year question papers, so you can find it or analyse it from there too.

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