Are Clear Braces easily stained?

Traditional braces have proven to be an aesthetic nightmare, and that’s why clear braces are now a popular replacement in London. Clear braces aren’t made from easily stainable material; they are made of high-grade polycrystalline ceramic instead of plastic. But that’s not a challenge for you to try and stain your clear braces.

Don’t worry if you’re going to read and memorise this segment, as your dentist will give you clear and straightforward guidelines to follow for a hygienic dental realignment therapy. The lack of metal involved in the process dramatically reduces the chances of staining your teeth, but the braces themselves could get stained if not looked after carefully. But don’t worry; maintaining clear braces isn’t rocket science. 

Are clear braces prone to stains?

Basically made out of ceramic, the clear braces are susceptible to stains. Any stains would ruin their invisibility and make them distinctly visible in your smile. It’s not easy to stain them, per say, but if you don’t heed the advice of your dentist, you may end up ruining your perfectly shaded braces.  It’s commonly believed that the brackets are the most stainable segment in the clear braces, but in fact, the ligatures holding the brackets are twice as likely to get darkened.

Some food leaves a mark on your clear braces

Just like regular teeth, certain chemicals in most fast foods and some beverages like tea, coffee, or colas can stain and damage your clear braces. Some of the drinks are not just the visual damage since they can ruin the structure of braces themselves. If you had to eat or drink the consumables mentioned above by some force of nature, you should keep a toothbrush handy to clean them up before they can stain your braces.

Some of the foods to avoid include:

  • Tomatoes, or plants and fruit from the same family with an acidic PH
  • Mustard sauce, in their different recipes
  • Turmeric  and other intense spices
  • Fruits like pomegranate or berries with red juices
  • Snacks with sugar and artificial colouring
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Red Wine and alcoholic 
  • Dark Sodas and Bubbly drinks
  • Boiling sauces

Brackets should be cleaned by your dentist every once in a while

You can clean your braces regularly, but there are certain areas that you can’t reach with traditional cleaning methods. In addition, some stains cannot be removed by standard procedures. As a rule of thumb, you should have your braces professionally cleaned every six months or so. Of course, if you feel like you need a cleaning session sooner than that, just give your dentist a call. You may be right. It’s essential to have the same orthodontist perform the cleaning since they are familiar with the details of your case.

Remember to floss between the brackets after every meal

It’s an easy job to floss between the brackets, as the positioning makes it difficult to manoeuvre the string without getting stuck. But food debris is easily stuck between your teeth and the bracket, creating an optimal space for the bacteria to reside inside. This will, in turn, remains a stain on your braces, or worse, your own teeth. 

Only use cleaning solutions recommended by your dentist

Whitening products aren’t a joke, and some are potent enough to damage your braces or even teeth. It’s usually enough to use water, toothpaste or hydrogen peroxide in more severe stain cases. But suppose you’re going away for a while and can’t show up for a dental appointment. In that case, you should ask your dentist for a recommendation to receive professional-grade teeth whitening material to use on your clear braces Wimbledon.

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