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AWS Solutions Architect Certification

The last place I worked was a thriving engineering and construction company. Sorting teams from the construction sector sometimes gathered in a conference room to discuss the quality of the design and how to improve it.

Due to the crowded building environment, drawing, cutting, clipping and formatting issues cause some normal issues. Distortion in CAD and more.

Do you remember the day the review company paid? 

It seems that nobody checks the cards now. There is no time in the program or budget. This process is called an auction. The builders were definitely annoyed by this. We are sensitive to the design business. But when it comes to money, it’s a delicate job. Some of them are very special.

How to get the AWS Solutions Architect Certification

To get the AWS Solutions Architect Certification, I attend these classes and take notes to balance the coffee, Diet Coke, and a few donuts on my skirt. It took about 30 minutes. General opinion. I have many entries, but they only mentioned the details of the problem. The problem is surprisingly simple. Graphics without format. Just leave the construction and join the Logitrain for IT courses like AWS solutions architect certification

Desktop architecture

As a CAD manager, I am sorry about that. We use a desktop architecture for everything. I used BIM tool to create 3D model and extracted all 2D drawings. Very cool but difficult to do and it took me years of training. Years of preparation, aggression and training of new people. Some beginners oppose working in a 3D environment or using unfamiliar tools. Some were really destructive. I call these people and I think it’s better than explaining what I really want.

Despite many obstacles, great results have been achieved. You can quickly create an image for your site. We know what a building really is. And we know what the design problem is. Sometimes you make money building. So how did this happen?

Once the project is complete, the details become even finer and more precise. Architectural desktops are more complex and cumbersome. A terrible graphic designer blew up the project in a crisis. I had no experience with dismantling a model structure during an explosion because I was trying to create the illusion that the project was completed. CAD data for a project degrades when changes inevitably occur.

Revit Architecture

And she came to rewrite. This software gives you an idea of ​​what your desktop architecture should look like. Make no mistake, this is very difficult to implement. However, we do know if the desktop architecture can work. I could also use Revit. Management is not always supportive. No training and no time limits for his success. Instead, it sparked suspicion and criticism. At the very least, they pay for the necessary hardware and software.

To manage a desktop architecture project, you need to build a complex system. Revit solves this problem. ArchitecturalDesktop requires the standardization of complex CAD applications in the system. Then train and apply the user. These standards are immediately available in Revit. If you have a great Revit computer, you can go to any office and get started. Please try to imagine. I don’t know how many custom CAD systems I’ve done in the last 20 years. Revit does nothing but create a family. (Parameter block template name) Share parameter and project template.

The desktop architecture is rough and Revit is smooth

Architectural desktops are fragile and fragile. Revit is durable. Updating the architectural desktop is a process that takes weeks, and after purchasing a book, you must configure all existing desktops to create a new book. Send an email to teachers and discover the hidden secrets of what’s really going on in this ridiculous program. You don’t need at least three programming languages ​​for this. Of course, new users need to be trained.

Revit updates can be performed throughout the day. No training needed. Didn’t see the readme file.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM I hate this shortcut very much. I like SBM (Single Build Model) but it doesn’t seem to be compatible with Autodesk marketing software and no one asks me anyway. In fact, a BIM magazine. Today, every topic and every website doesn’t really matter. All non-Revit professionals say they can do it. I do not do that. I don’t even know what it is. We may see this one day in the future

But that’s the beauty of BIM and Revit architecture. Revit forms cannot be exploded. That is, the geometry is constantly being corrected. Reference tags and tab numbers cannot be edited separately from the form. These tags are not fragile. It is very important that it has to do with templates and schedules, it takes a lot of effort, but I am not sure if the Revit project will cause formatting problems. Many of the problems with our invention have disappeared. This is also the reason why intelligent software can make you a better engineer. Yes, Revit can make you a better architect.

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