5 Secret tips To Beautiful Hair And A Healthier Lifestyle

Beautiful hair and healthy living go hand in hand, but we all know it’s not always easy to maintain our current style. It takes a lot of commitment to make your hair look like you mean business and that’s the thing. If you want your hair to look dewy and healthy, then whatever you do needs to be done with a sense of responsibility and commitment. But that doesn’t mean it should be hard! These 5 tips for beautiful hair will have you on the right track in no time.

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  • Wash Your Hair More Often

This might seem counterintuitive, but washing your hair more often will keep it from looking greasy or oily. Plus it’s a good way to keep your hair smelling great!

  • Treat Your Hair Once A Week With No Poo

This is the best way to create healthy, radiant and glossy hair. No Poo is so gentle that it doesn’t strip the natural oils from your hair, leaving you with shiny, healthy locks.

  • Take Warm Water Baths

Remember when we talked about the importance of washing your hair more often? If you can only wash your hair (which is why we recommend washing it more often!) then take a warm water bath for about 3-5 minutes. Your hair will be clean and fresh, without any grease or styling product residue. Just make sure to rinse it out with cold water afterward to help close the cuticle.

  • Use A Dry shampoo

You can use dry shampoo to keep your hair looking great throughout the day. We recommend using Bestie’s Desitin Dry Shampoo which is made with all-natural ingredients that are kind to your hair and scalp. It will give your hair a fresh and clean scent without the tacky feel of regular dry shampoos.

  • Stop Flat Ironing

We know you love your straight hair, but flat ironing too often can damage it and leave you with a style that doesn’t even last the day. Try using a round brush instead and be patient!

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