Live jazz programme with Harlem Jazz tour

Harlem is the place that is known for live jazz music performance. Get soulful music from Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis who are well known as jazz musician artist. Harlem jazz tours is famous for its cultural heritage tour. It is known for authentic walking, jazz music, food and bus tours. Jazz originated during the Harlem Renaissance period. It is a musical language of communication. Jazz has its own originality, personality and meaning of expressiveness in music. Charles Joseph Buddy Bolden is known to have developed Jazz.  He was an African and American band leader. He was known as the first Man of jazz. Buddy Bolden was the first jazz player who brought in Jazz movement.  

Elements in Jazz:

The main elements in Jazz are blues, syncopation, swing and creative freedom. Everything from fashion and poetry was influenced by jazz performance. 

Types of Jazz music:

There are different types of jazz like:

  • Bepop, Early jazz, Big Band & swing music, Hard Bop, Cool Jazz, Modal jazz, Latin Jazz and Gypsy Jazz. 

The jazz plays an important role in wider cultural changes in the period. Jazz encourages, celebrates and provides meaningful insight into the jazz values. The word Jazz means energy, vitality, spirit and pep. 

Five Ingredients in jazz:

There are five ingredient in jazz music like: Overview, Improvisation, Rhythm, Sound and instruments, harmony, form, student handout, and test bank. The jazz evolved as Roaring Twenties after the Great Depression in 1929. It evolved from social and cultural legacy. Jazz is a musical form that was developed by African American. It has European harmonic structures and African rhythms. Jazz is still popular today with its influential international styles.  

Five characteristics of Jazz:

The five main characteristics of renaissance music is:

  • Music based on modes
  • Richer texture in its parts
  • Progression of chords.
  • Blending in musical texture.
  • Harmony with flow 

Spend your evening in Harlem for sightseeing and jazz.  New York City is known for lively jazz scene and performance. Get personal experience with Harlem locals. There are upcoming musicians and seasoned Jazz professionals. Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis are world class musicians in jazz.   Jazz is still popular today due to its international genre. 

Jazz Musicians:

Jazz musicians have taken American music to a global international level. There are pioneers like Scott Joplin, and Jelly roll Morton. Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington and Bille Holiday are some of the vocalist that made Jazz popular. 

Jazz dance evolved along with jazz music. There are two types of African American vernacular style of dance. One is Lindy Pop and the other is Mambo. 

Jazz musician need to understand voice leading and how different chords connect with one another. 1920s is considered as Jazz Age where the music blossomed and became popular. Jazz music was the music for younger generations. 

Melodies in jazz:

Melodies in jazz was based on modes- the type of scale found in Medieval and Renaissance period. Jazz music has richer texture and has independent melodic parts. The interweaving melodic music was known as Polyphony. Get defining features of Renaissance music with its smooth regular flow rhythm. Percussions like the triangles, Jew harp, the rumble pot, and various kinds of drums were used during this period. Jazz is performed with the swing rhythm. There are traditional triplet rhythm with hard swing that was portrayed in Jazz music. Afro American folk music traditions are used in Jazz. 

Folk jazz is a traditional folk music with elements of Jazz in it. Folk jazz was popular during 1960s. There are diverse musical traditions with richly textured musicians. Jazz first originated in New Orleans and became a part of cultural change. Take a Harlem Jazz tour for a delightful musical evening. 

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