A Complete Guide to Using High-speed Coding Machines

Laser coding is one of the most popular laser marking methods these days. But before moving forward, lets’ find out what is a laser marking system. The process of using different methods for marking different materials and surfaces is referred to as a laser marking system. Major industries use these marking methods as they deliver precise, accurate, and prominent results. 

Now, in simple terms, laser coding is the procedure of engraving codes such as dates, barcodes, serial codes, etc., on the products by using a laser marking system. Continue scrolling down to get a better understanding of what laser coding is, how it works, and some of the top advantages of using it.

What is Laser Coding Method?

Laser coding refers to the application of laser marking methods such as engraving, etching, etc., to mark codes on a product or component. It is an advanced technology that helps in producing permanent and accurate markings lasting for a longer period. 

Rest assured that all the laser marking procedures used for inscribing laser codes are high-quality methods that produce clear and highly readable codes.

How does the Laser Coding System Work?

Here are the two most common types of laser marking methods in the laser coding system mentioned below:

  • Dot-Matrix Marking Method

This laser marking method is fast but creates lower-resolution images. In this process, a laser moves through a spinning polygon and emits a concentrated beam of laser light to a water-cooled dump for creating laser codes. 

  • Vector Marking Method

This marking method creates high-quality codes but takes a longer time. In this procedure, a focusing lens and two rotating mirrors create graphics by turning the lens on and off that allows the beam of laser light to create the image.

Now that you know about laser coding and its mechanism, let’s have a look at the top benefits of using high-speed laser coding machines.

Why should you Use Laser Coding Machines?

Most people prefer using laser coding machines to the other engraving machines due to the following advantages:

  1. Easy to Operate

While comparing laser coding to other coding techniques, you’ll find that laser coding machines are easier to operate. With the advancement in technology, there is remarkable progress in the manufacturing industry for making different types of laser marking machines. One such machine is the portable laser marker that is efficient in engraving accurate marks as well as easy to carry anywhere.

  1. Accurate and Clear Markings

The laser coding method will help you to achieve permanent, accurate, and high-quality markings. Thus, industries such as food, automobile, and many more use it for permanent coding and digital entry. 

  1. Versatility

Laser coding machines can be used with a wide variety of materials thus, adding versatility to the coding solution. They are usually used for inscribing codes on printed cardboard, paper labels, glass, etc.

  1. Affordable

Laser coding machines easily integrate into assembly lines based on the integration cost, machine size, and environmental effect. The laser coding method involves a comparatively lower operational cost. Hence, it is an affordable laser marking technique.

  1. Highly Efficient

High-speed laser coding machines provide other technical benefits as well such as adjustable pixel size, code on moving or stationary packages, variable dot-matrix coding density, etc.

  1. Low Maintenance

Laser codes are not only easy to operate but also require low maintenance. Laser coding machines will perform even if your client doesn’t provide you with ink or parts to maintain the originality of ink or compatibility with products.


Now that you know the functionality and benefits of using high-speed laser coding machines, you can understand that they are more efficient and effective as compared to the other engraving machines. Remember, always use a durable and high-quality laser coding machine to achieve improved and long-lasting output. Using a high-speed laser marker offers easy operation, faster data delivery, and improved image creation.

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