4 Pro Tips to Choose the Best Table Tennis Table

Do you want some amazing tips to choose the best table tennis tables in Adelaide? Then you are at the right place. This guide will help you to find out the 4 pro tips for the same. First thing first, the most important parameter to get your table tennis game on point is having the right equipment. So, let’s begin with the tips for buying the best table tennis table that you should know.

  1. Types of Tables

There is a wide range of table tennis tables available in the market depending on the objectives of using them. You can find tables in mini sizes for the children to pool tables forplaying table tennis. Here are some of the common types of table tennis tables mentioned below:

  • Standard Sized:A full-sized table tennis table is usually 2.5 feet high, 9 feet long, and 5 feet wide. It is an ideal choice for those who have the space at home for a permanent fixture and are serious about the game.
  • Adjustable Height Table: It is the perfect table for your little ones to experience similar fun as in a full-sized table tennis table. It has adjustable legs to raise or lower the height of the table. It gives a fun-filled experience to small players who otherwise find difficulty in reaching the ball played close to the net.
  • Conversion Tops:It offers you to play table tennis at home that has less space. As the name suggests, it is a table tennis table with only a surface that can fit over the top of large tables that is already placed at your home. 
  1. Place to Setup the Table

Perhaps table tennis is typically considered to be an indoor sport, but it can also be played outside. The only thing that matters here is to have the right table. Being more common, indoor table tennis tables are approved for competitive play. But, the materials used to make the tables are often particleboard, plywood, or plastic. Hence, they tend to get damaged when exposed to the sun or harsh weather conditions. 

So, if you want to play outside then you need to purchase outdoor-specific table tennis tables in Adelaide. These tables are specifically designed with waterproof playing surfaces and are made out of concrete materials or aluminum. You’ll often find outdoor tables with a thin tabletop that can affect the bounce of the ball. 

  1. Know the Undercarriage Design

The undercarriage of a table tennis table is an important component to consider while purchasing a conversion top. The two main types of undercarriage designs are:

  • One-Piece:These are the table tennis tables having a single-trolley system that allows the table to remain in one piece. It can be folded in the middle with the halves easily aligned. 
  • Two-Piece:With a division into two separate halves, these tables are more efficient in space storage. 
  1. Thickness of the Tabletop

One of the most relevant factors that determine the price of a table tennis table is the thickness of the table surface. The thickness of the surface generally ranges between 12mm and 25mm. The important point to remember here is that the tabletops with thinner surfaces affect the bounce of the ball. The thicker the surface of the tabletop, the better will be the bounce. Also, the thicker the surface, the higher the price of the table tennis table. If you’re a casual player then you can go for a thinner table surface. But, for professional players, the best choice is a table tennis table with a thicker tabletop.

Key Takeaway

You might purchase a table tennis table for two main reasons – family fun or serious practice. Regardless of your reason for buying a table, make sure to look after it. A well-maintained table tennis table lasts for a longer period. The final tips would be – store it in a safe place preventing it from damages, keep it clean, and be careful while folding or unfolding the table. By successfully following all these tips, you will be able to enjoy playing the game on the table for years.

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