Questions To Ask Before Hiring an SEO Content Writer

SEO content writing services India

If you are an owner of a business, you may need to make a website to get recognition. But only having a website won’t be enough. A good website with realistic and helpful content can do wonders. You may have also noticed that a majority of mainstream sites have pages like “About us,” “Services,” blogs etc. All these things are necessary and should be there on your site, as well.

For writing engaging blog content for your business website, you’ll need to hire the most talented SEO content writer. But before hiring anybody, it is vital to consider a few things that we will be discussing in this write-up. Continue reading to know what you need to consider while hiring an SEO writer for your business website.

SEO content writing services India

Questions To Ask an SEO Writer before Appointing Him

1.      Can you state the difference between content and copy?

You must ask this question before appointing an SEO content writer for the project. If he describes the content as value-oriented and copy as sales-oriented, sign up with him.

2.      What additional services do you offer?

A majority of SEO writers can take part in more than one project. You may require a blog post almost every day. Searching for a skilled content writer who can provide different kinds of writing can save a lot of time. You can use that saved time in doing other business-related activities. The additional services that an SEO content writing services India can provide incorporate scriptwriting, newsletters, copywriting, social media management, etc. They may charge an extra fee for doing extra work.

3.      Do you even provide keyword research or content strategy?

In case you are seeking an SEO writer who can stick to all the instructions and does keyword research, too, then it is crucial to consider this question. But they may charge an extra fee for extra services.

4.  Do you employ content or SEO optimization tools?

Even though you are not seeking a person who carries out keyword research, it’s good to ask whether he will employ any SEO optimization tools. By asking this question, you’ll get a clear understanding of their process and whether they utilize real info to update their SEO content writing.

5.  Do you have any past client testaments?

With reviews and testaments, it becomes easier to comprehend a writer’s authenticity and credibility. You can ask this question in person or go through their official websites to find the past client reviews and testaments.

6.  How much will you charge?

There are writers who may charge by the project, and some may charge per hour or both. Only asking them how much you’ll charge for a post that is 1000 words might not get you a simple answer.

What Are the Qualities of A Good SEO Content Writer?

Below we have mentioned some of the qualities that you should see in an Content writing company:

1.  A good content writer is always keen to learn new stuff. For them writing content is not a job; it is an obsession.

2.  SEO writing is considered to be an advanced level of writing that needs employing specific keywords, following guidelines, and giving a particular style to the content. Make sure that the SEO writer you hire is a professional and works as per the given instructions.

3.  You need to seek an SEO content writer who is punctual and can complete all the tasks within a given deadline. They are diligent about the projects allotted to them and hardly make any errors.

4.  A good writer should have a basic knowledge of search engine optimization and other marketing strategies.

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